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What should be Paid Attention to when Manufacturing Magnetic Assembly

What should be Paid Attention to when Manufacturing Magnetic Assembly

Most magnetic assemblies can be optimized in design to reduce costs, and can be assembled into magnetic assemblies by hardware or plastic parts with magnets. It should pay attention to the following points in manufacturing:

1. The selection of magnetic materials for magnetic assembly

It is important to choose the right magnetic material for the magnetic assembly, including some parts and the adhesive used.

2. Design and manufacture of magnetic assembly

The design of magnetic assembly is very important. Our team of engineers can perform modeling and finite element simulation analysis according to the design requirements of customers, and ensure that the design can be optimized according to the magnetic characteristics of various permanent magnets, and the assembly process of the assemblies is particularly important, our experience and production expertise can be well applied in this respect, and the combination of many aspects can ensure that the magnetic assembly can meet the design needs of customers.

Weizhong Magnetics Co., Ltd. has 10 years of experience in the production of various magnetic assemblies, and can provide high-quality magnet assemblies with strict tolerance requirements and complex geometric shapes. And the required materials are all produced by ourselves, which can guarantee the quality of the products and provide a complete set of solutions for some of the world's leading companies and governments.

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