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What Problems Should Beginners Pay Attention to when Using the Pot Magnet?

What Problems Should Beginners Pay Attention to when Using the Pot Magnet?

1. Direction of the pot magnet's adsorption force

The pot magnet's adsorption force is the force in the vertical direction, and this force is much smaller in the horizontal direction. In use, the following problems should be noted.

2. Points to note when using the pot magnet

(1) Prohibition of mutual suction

It should be noted that mutual suction will cause damage to all the edges and it tends to scratch users' eyes.

(2) Pay attention to the environmental hygiene

The pot magnet can absorb all kinds of dust containing iron. It is necessary to always keep the production workshop clean. If other substances or dust are stuck in the product, it is difficult to clean, and extremely easy to affect the effect of the product (such as corrosion resistance and surface gloss), especially its external properties. Besides, it will affect the results of its matching products.

(3) Being placed on a wooden or plastic table

The neodymium pot magnet will stick together with the table by the magnetic force if being put on an iron table and it is difficult to split them up, which will directly affect its work efficiency.

(4) Keep the iron tools away from the pot magnet

The pot magnet will attract all kinds of iron parts, and therefore the iron parts should be placed away from the pot magnet, so as to avoid various accidents.

(5) Keep a safe distance between two pot magnets

If two large pot magnets met together, it might be dangerous for you.

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