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What Factors will Affect the Magnetic Hook during its Use

What Factors will Affect the Magnetic Hook during its Use

When using the magnetic tool hooks, we must hope that it can show a very good application effect, especially to show a very good magnetism, which is able to bear the gravity of heavy objects. In order to show a good application effect, we need to understand the following main factors that will affect the application effect of the hook first:


Factor 1: The magnetism of the hook itself.

Magnetic tool hooks take effects through their own magnetic effect when used, so the hook's magnetism of its own will certainly directly affect its application effect. In general, the hook with very good magnetism will show a better application effect.


Factor 2: Hook installation effect 

If you don't treat the mounting surface of the magnetic tool hook very clean and flat when installing the magnetic tool hook, it won't achieve the stable installation effect that it should have. An unstable installation will inevitably result in the hooks performing less than ideal effect during use. Therefore, from this aspect, the hook installation effect will also have a very direct impact on its application effect.


Factor 3: Load-bearing

When using the rubber-coated magnetic hooks, if the load is too large, the hook will fall off. Therefore, the load which the hook bears will also have a direct impact on its application effect.


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