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What Are Rubber Coated Magnetic Hooks?

What Are Rubber Coated Magnetic Hooks?

The rubber-coated magnetic hooks are made of neodymium magnets and coated with black rubber, so it will not scratch the surface when it is applied to a magnetic surface. The adsorption power of neodymium magnets is incredible. After being coated with rubber, this kind of rubber-coated magnetic hooks can still produce strong suction.

Ⅰ. The characteristics of rubber-coated magnetic hooks

1. There are many kinds of hook magnets;

2. Compact design;

3. Powerful neodymium element;

4. Mature technology.

Ⅱ. The composition of the rubber-coated magnetic hook

Rubber-coated magnetic hooks are composed of powerful elements of neodymium, iron, boron, neodymium magnets and the strongest magnets in the world.

These rubber-coated magnetic hooks have stronger holding power than ceramic hook magnets. This high-coercivity alloy has remanence and energy, and is stronger than any other permanent magnet material. These magnets are manufactured in various grades and can be formed in various sizes.

Such convenient and practical neodymium-iron-boron rubber-coated magnetic hooks have strong characteristics. The magnet is embedded in a rubber-coated steel cup to provide maximum adsorption. The rubber-coated hook is connected to the magnetic cup through the M threaded hole. The steel cup provides protection for the magnet and concentrates the magnetic force on the surface of the steel cup.

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