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Variety of Inspection to Ensure Rubber Coated Magnet Product Quality

Variety of Inspection to Ensure Rubber Coated Magnet Product Quality

Weizhong Magnetics is committed to providing qualified products and satisfactory service to our customers. Each production process will be subjected to strict inspections. Quality control goes all the way together with production steps strictly under ISO 9001:2015 quality system. We carry out variety of inspections on our rubber coated magnets to ensure product quality, only qualified magnets are allowed to ship out.


The incoming inspection also called receiving inspection, validates the quality of purchased raw materials, parts or components based on set acceptance criteria.

For the rubber coating magnet, we test the neodymium magnet, steel part, and rubber material according to technical drawing requirements and strictly follow the standard. Neodymium magnets are the key parts of rubberized magnets, we must test to check and confirm all the dimensions are accurate within tolerance, and the grade and plating are correct. The same inspections are done on the steel part and rubber material.



In-process inspection and tests of rubber coated magnet are performed at any point along the production cycle. This is done to check the product parameters within each section of the process and whether they are in accordance with technical drawings and requirements. The test can identify errors early in production to save time and resources in the long run, and identify problems as they occur, then take corrective action, trace, and update the inspection process and ensure its accuracy.

The testing items are generally above the ones listed in the final inspection. We have a first article inspection before every batch production to make sure everything goes right. Then our quality inspectors come to production lines on an hourly basis to randomly collect samples of semi-finished products for testing to make sure that the operation is done as instructed. Production will be stopped if anything wrong is observed from the testing and it can only be resumed until the issue is proved to be completely resolved. Our QC team records all the tested values in documents for possible reference in the future.


This is the final inspection for finished magnetic products. We random check the whole batch quantity on dimensions, threads, pull force, and visual check.

1. The checking quantity is according to AQL 1.0 Level II.

2. Use a calliper to test outer dimensions like diameter, thickness, total height; length, width, thickness, and total height according to technical drawing.


1. Use a gauge to test thread go and no-go.

2. Visual check if any dirt, cracks, flash, deformation, defects, etc.

3. Test magnetic force by pull tester.



1. Check and confirm packaging quantity in unit

2. Check labels on bags, boxes, and cartons

3. Other special requirements from customers such as testing shear force

4. Record all testing results in the document as proof and for traceability.


1. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified, and we put every of our production steps, and quality control processes strictly in accordance with ISO requests.

2. Our team consists of well-trained, stable people with rich experience in their functions.

3. We have invested in professional equipment/devices like computer-programmed automatic production lines with which we have minimized possible errors during operation and for large quantity orders, we can maintain consistently stabilized quality.

4. Companies in our supply chain have established solid cooperative relationships with us. We know each other really well and have built up a special working pattern. We always get qualified components on time to meet our production requirements.

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