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Unlock the Hidden Secrets of the Magnet Industry Procurement

Unlock the Hidden Secrets of the Magnet Industry Procurement

NdFeB pot magnet belongs to rare-earth metallurgical mineral products. Ordinary people don't know about this industry. However,  many companies  have not used magnets, how could they, in order to achieve a certain function of products or requirement of using magnets,choose a good magnet manufacturer, or identify the quality of magnets? Let's find out with Weizhong!

Normally, the good quality of magnet is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. High purity of the raw materials and stable magnetic properties .

2. The coating with good adhesion and corrosion resistance.

3. High dimensional parallelism and high tolerance accuracy.

Here is the most interesting part about magnetism. The magnet used in NdFeB pot magnet also has many grades, such as N35, N38, N40, N42 and other performances. In terms of the same size, the higher the performance, the stronger the magnetism.

Many small enterprises in the market often use low-performance products to replace the quotation or production of high-performance products. Sometimes  you may hardly find the problem in the middle because you didn't compare products among several companies when proofing,or you can't use instruments and tools to test. What's more, to get more offers, some factories will buy furnace charge and black leather material for production so that the price is lower. As a result, the magnetic properties of magnets may vary dramatically during quantity production, and the magnetism  produced in the same batch is uneven. Finally, it will cause great influence and trouble to customers.

Our company Weizhong do hope that all customers who need magnets need to understand the company and products of magnet manufacturers from various aspects while choosing the best supplier who can not only provide cost-effective products and services, but also achieve long-term win-win cooperation!

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