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Types and Advantages of Rubber Coated Magnets

Types and Advantages of Rubber Coated Magnets

Rubber coated magnets, also known as waterproof magnets, are one of the most commonly used tool magnets. In this article, let's learn about the types and advantages of rubber coated magnets.

1. Manufacturing process of rubber coated magnet

For rubber coated magnets, vulcanization is the most important step in the entire manufacturing process. Vulcanization is a chemical method that converts rubber into a more durable material by adding sulfur or other equivalent curing agents or accelerators. These additives change the rubber under certain pressure and temperature.

2. Different types of rubber coated magnet

There are mainly the following types of rubber coated magnets:

(1) Threaded rod type rubber coated magnet;

(2) Screw type rubber coated magnet;

(3) Internal thread type rubber coated magnet;

(4) Counterbore type rubber coated magnet.

3. The advantages of rubber coated magnets

Rubber coated magnets have the following advantages:

(1) Rubber coated magnets can use different types of magnets at different temperatures and tensions.

(2) The special design of the magnetic circuit makes the rubber coated magnet have a higher tensile force.

(3) The rubber coating can not only protect the rubber coated magnet from corrosion, but also prevent the working surface from being damaged.

(4) The rubber coating will produce very slight shearing force on the rubber coated magnet.

(5) Rubber coated magnets can be applied to a series of standard fasteners and accessories.

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