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The Function of Rubber-coated Magnets

The Function of Rubber-coated Magnets

Advantages of rubber-coated magnets

Introduction to rubber-coated magnets

Rubber-coated magnets, also known as waterproof magnets, are one of the most common types of tool magnets. The encapsulated magnet is made of an iron shell and encapsulated.

Advantages of rubber-coated magnets

  • Rubber-coated magnets can be made with different types of magnets applied at different temperatures and tensions.

  • The special design of the magnetic circuit ensures that rubber-coated magnets have higher pulling force.

  • The rubber coating not only protects the magnet from corrosion, but also protects the working surface from damage.

  • The rubber coating exerts extremely subtle shear force on the rubber-coated magnets.

  • Rubber-coated magnets can accommodate a range of standard fasteners and accessories.

Multiple uses of rubber-coated magnets

These powerful rare earth magnets are made of iron and are the strongest permanent magnet material on the market today. They are coated with durable silicone rubber and are suitable for almost any light, medium or heavy-duty project that requires super strong pulling force.

Installing nuts, bolts or hooks for various applications is ideal for homes, schools, shops and offices where magnets are not suitable for children.

Rubber can protect magnets from occasional dampness. However, long-term outdoor use can cause rust. On the other hand, our rubber-coated magnets are rustproof. Rubber-coated block magnets N45 are installed with metric internal threads and can be fastened to objects with external threads. The rubber cover protects sensitive surfaces from scratches and increases shear direction load capacity. Rubber coating can also increase friction and improve stability of pulling force.

Multiple uses of rubber-coated magnets: camera, LED work and signal lights, miniature equipment, control panels, mounting devices.

So far, Kunshan Weizhong Magnetics Co., Ltd. has established the most complete production facilities and passed ISO 9001 certification for the production of various shapes and strengths of magnetic components. The most popular projects include passage magnets, hook magnets, rubber-coated magnets, template magnets, magnet boxes, pot magnets, mounting magnets, magnet bases, etc.

The goal of Kunshan Weizhong Magnetics Co., Ltd. is to produce high-quality, high-performance products.  The magnetic assemblies company is customer-oriented and our customers can fully rely on our quality. Welcome customers from all over the world to visit and consult!

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