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The Application Field of NdFeB Magnet is Expected to be Further Expanded

The Application Field of NdFeB Magnet is Expected to be Further Expanded

1. Development background of NdFeB magnet

With the gradual reduction of energy, energy-saving and emission reduction are the themes of today's world, and new energy needs continuous development to keep up with the pace of the times. NdFeB magnets also need to be continuously developed in technology. With the changes of the times, the field of application of NdFeB magnet manufacturers is also expanding.

2. The application field of the NdFeB magnet is expected to be further expanded

In recent years, due to the deterioration of the environment, new energy vehicles and hybrid vehicles will gradually replace traditional fuel vehicles in the future. NdFeB magnet is the key material for manufacturing permanent magnet motors, and permanent magnet motors are an important part of new energy vehicles and hybrid vehicle batteries. In other words, neodymium iron boron magnets play a key role in the future development of new energy vehicles and hybrid vehicles.

Regarding the rubber encased magnets, they are the most magnetic magnet so far. It has an extremely high magnetic energy product and coercive force. The magnetism is more than 4 times that of general permanent magnet materials. It is the best choice for the miniaturization and thinning of electronic equipment.

In addition to the use in new energy vehicles and hybrid vehicles, wind power equipment, instrumentation, medical equipment, and smart robots also need to use NdFeB magnets. At present, the top-level layout is gradually carried out in wind power equipment projects, and the market demand for NdFeB magnets is also increasing. The application field of NdFeB magnets is expected to be further expanded.

In order to meet the needs of the market, various magnetic assembly manufacturers need to increase their personnel and equipment updates, winning a place in the new energy automobile and wind power industries. The technology is constantly updated, making the application fields of NdFeB magnets continue to expand.

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