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The Application and Technological Advantages of Rubber-Coated Magnets

The Application and Technological Advantages of Rubber-Coated Magnets

The best way to describe the concept of rubber-coated magnets is to say that it is the perfect combination of strength and protection. The rubber-coated magnet is actually an extension of the pot magnet, using the same principle of operation, but the rubber coating greatly expands the application range of the pot magnet.

What is rubber-coated magnet?

The neodymium pot magnet with rubber coating has excellent durability and high friction. The rubber coating protects the internal neodymium magnet from cracking and being exposed to liquids. Rubber-coated neodymium magnets are used in many fixed applications, especially when it is on a fragile surface.

Applications of the rubber-coated magnet

When you need to place something on a beautiful and elegant surface, it will not happen that you will try your best not to leave any scratches on it. That's why rubber-coated super magnets were invented. The rubber coating effectively avoids direct contact between the surface and sharp, hard objects, minimizing the cause of scratches.

Basically, as long as they hold, you can use them anywhere you want. Its unique rubber coating makes it more suitable for fine surfaces than other magnetic products. TPV has excellent chemical stability, but it may affect its service life when used in too hot, too cold or corrosive environments.

Technical advantages of rubber-coated magnets

The material we use for rubber-coated magnets is TPV, which has better durability than ordinary rubber due to its more stable chemical characteristics. You don't have to worry about it becoming hard or peeling for a long time.

What’s more, odorlessness is another advantage that sets TPV apart from ordinary rubber. TPV won't get dirty--try using it bare-handed for a while, and TPV won't leave any black marks on your fingers.

Indeed, the rubber coating does not produce better force, but it does reduce the holding force of the part. However, by following some methods, you can still use these rubber-coated super magnets to achieve the desired strength. In short, a uniformly thick rubber coating and optimized structure will improve holding force, which is exactly what we use rubber-coated magnets for.

How durable are rubber-coated magnets?

Because the magnet is completely covered by the rubber coating, the rubber-coated super magnet is waterproof and very resistant to damage. In addition, rubber neodymium magnets are very durable and are not easily broken like ordinary magnets. Rubber-coated neodymium magnets have excellent durability and high friction, preventing them from sliding on the surface.

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