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Shipping Info

Magnetic assemblies are packed in bulk sizes in most cases, therefore the most frequently used shipping method is ocean shipment that features low freight cost and long shipping time. When the demand is not urgent and quantity is huge, ocean shipping is the right one to choose. To give enough protection to magnetic assemblies for the long journey, we have our own packing standard which we have been using and proved effective. All our packing materials are non-toxic with some of them recyclable. Pallets are fumigated. 

From time to time customers need to ship in these magnetic assemblies by airplane to meet their urgent requirement. Air shipping has special requests about magnetic goods that the outside magnetic field at a certain distance from the package needs to be kept in a range so that it does not exert any influence on meters, navigation systems, devices of the aircraft. We always have an obsession with security and we honor this request in every of our air shipment package. 

shipping info

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