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See How Magnets Make Precast Easier

See How Magnets Make Precast Easier

Firm and reliable fixation is always needed in many places when making concrete precast parts. It has to be so stabilized that neither vibration, stirring or the bulk of the thick concrete mud can make it move and that’s how it is guaranteed that the final precast parts get their shape and size, meanwhile, built-in fittings such as anchors, wire boxes, tubes, etc are at the desired location. 

Traditional fixation solutions are mostly screws, pins that have a long history, while many precast plants are switching to magnetic solutions when they come to realize that this is going to make precast magnet much easier on the condition that the reliability of fixation remains.

The core principle is to fully use the attraction force generated by a magnetic field. Through careful design, these magnetic parts are efficient enough to concentrate the majority of magnetic energy on their holding face to generate a really strong force. 

Simply put these magnetic parts at required places on a steel formwork and let the magnetic energy do their job - no need for the strength and time to screw or drill.

Besides, an experiment has shown that magnetic energy does not change for, at least, 30 years when used appropriately. 

See How Magnets Make Precast Easier

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