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Rubber-coated Magnets: Characteristics and Applications of Rubber-coated Neodymium Magnets

Rubber-coated Magnets: Characteristics and Applications of Rubber-coated Neodymium Magnets

1. The characteristics of rubber coated magnets

The powerful rubber-coated magnet is a sturdy neodymium magnet with a durable rubber coating that is protected by the magnet. Since the magnets are completely covered by a rubber/plastic coating, they are waterproof and extremely resistant to damage, and the magnets are very durable and will not break as easily as ordinary magnets.

Rubberised neodymium magnets and neodymium magnets coated with plastic have excellent durability and high friction, which can prevent them from slipping on the surface.

2. The application of rubber coated magnets

Rubber encased magnets are coated with high-quality rubber to ensure safe contact. When it is applied to a car or other metal surface, the surface is not easy to be injured. In addition, the rubber-coated neodymium magnet is also suitable for other fixed applications that need to be protected from contacting steel surfaces.

We can apply rubber coated magnets to disc, block, ring or even countersunk magnets. This is one of the most versatile magnets, very suitable for aquariums, marine environments, construction sites, outdoor applications, wind power and so on. Because its maximum softness will not leave any scratches on it, this is the reason why the rubber coated magnet was invented. The rubber coating can effectively avoid direct contact between the surface and sharp hard objects, thereby minimizing scratches.

Basically, as long as you hold them, you can use them wherever you need them. The uniqueness of its rubber coating makes it more suitable for delicate surfaces than other magnetic products. TPV has excellent chemical stability, but using it in places that are too hot, cold, or corrosive may damage its service life.

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