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Rubber-Coated Magnetic Components and Pot Magnets with Rubber Coatings

Rubber-Coated Magnetic Components and Pot Magnets with Rubber Coatings

Rubber-coated magnet component

Rubber-coated soft magnetic components, permanent magnet components, and can-type magnets with rubber coatings; Rubber magnetic base - soft pot magnet + rubber coating + metal components.

Rubber-coated magnets are a kind of magnetic component, which is installed with a magnetic seat, fully coated with rubber, and has strong magnetic output of the magnetic circuit.


Rubber-coated magnets have strong magnetic properties, small size, fully coated with glue, and will not scratch the surface of the car during installation and use.


Firmly adsorbed on the surface of cars or other ferrous materials, fixing other products without damaging the surface of the car or other iron products.


All use environmentally friendly rubber coating.

Smooth and environmentally friendly classification

Rubber-coated magnets suction cups can be divided into two types according to the different thread types:  internal thread coated magnet and external thread coated magnet.


Fix the spotlight on the roof of a car (SUV); Fix advertising light boxes on the roofs of cars and minibusses; Fix flower decorations and cameras on wedding cars.

Pot magnet with rubber coating

The can-type magnet with rubber coating - due to the arrangement of the magnet and rubber coating, this can-type magnet is very suitable for use on surfaces that should not be scratched or where there are problems with movement or sliding of ordinary metal magnet systems. This makes it recommended for painted or varnished items or for applications that require strong magnetic force without marking or scratching the surface.

So far, Kunshan Weizhong Magnetics Co., Ltd. has established the most complete production facilities and has passed ISO 9001 certification for the production of various shapes and strengths of various magnetic components, including the most popular items such as channel magnet, hook magnet, rubber-coated magnet, template magnet, magnet box, pot magnet, mounting magnet, magnetic base, etc.

The goal of Kunshan Weizhong Magnetics Co., Ltd. is to produce high-quality and high-performance products. The company is customer-oriented and allows our customers to fully rely on our quality. Welcome customers from all over the world to visit and consult!

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