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Rubber Coated Magnets Are Durable and Widely Used

Rubber Coated Magnets Are Durable and Widely Used

1. Rubber coated magnets are very durable

Rubber coated magnets are sturdy neodymium magnet components and are protected by a durable black rubber coating. Because the magnet is completely covered by the rubber coating, the magnet is not only waterproof, but also extremely resistant to damage. It is also very durable and will not break as easily as ordinary magnets.

Rubber coated magnets have excellent durability and high friction, which prevents them from slipping on the surface. The rubber coating also plays a role in preventing chipping and liquids.

2. Rubber coated magnets are widely used

We can wrap round and square magnetic components with rubber coating. This is one of the most versatile magnets, which is very suitable for wind power, offshore projects, marine applications and so on.

Rubber coated magnets for sale have higher strength and are coated with high-quality rubber coatings, which can ensure safe contact surfaces when they are applied to cars or other metal surfaces (the metal surface is easily injured and needs to be protected during contact). In addition, they are also suitable for other applications when fixing steel surfaces that need to be protected from contact. Traditional welding or screw fastening requires drilling or electric welding to destroy the stress of the metal, but magnetic products do not have these problems.

As a professional custom magnet manufacturer, we welcome you to design and make customized rubber coated magnets for your application. If you need a specific size that is not on our website, please contact us for a customized magnet quote.

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