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Rubber Coated Magnet with Threaded Bushing

Rubber Coated Magnet with Threaded Bushing

Ⅰ. Bushing rubber coated magnet with internal thread

Powerful rubber coated magnet with threaded bushing is high-quality product and is very suitable for painted surfaces.

1. The neodymium magnet placed in the rubber can ensure a magnetic force of up to 3,500 Newtons;

2. Rubber protects the magnet and the installation surface;

3. Galvanized rubber magnets for indoor and outdoor applications;

4. High-quality coating ensures zero sliding effect;

5. Also made of white rubber;

6. The highest temperature: 80°C.

Ⅱ. The applications of rubber coated magnet

Strong rubbercoated magnets with threaded bushings have many application possibilities, especially in industrial fields such as the offshore and oil and gas industries.

The rubber coating ensures safe and easy installation on painted surfaces. Rubber coated magnet is a part of our quality series of magnets and provides the necessary certainty regarding magnetism and durability.

The rubber prevents marks and scratches on fragile surfaces-even if the magnet is moved multiple times. The internal magnet is galvanized, which further increases the application possibilities of the product.

At present, the rubber coated magnet is available in white rubber. Due to the neodymium magnets placed in rubber, rubber coated magnet with threaded bushings usually has very strong holding power. The actual clamping force depends on the size and can reach 3500 newtons under standard conditions.

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