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Rectangular Rubber Coated Magnet with Internal Thread

Rectangular Rubber Coated Magnet with Internal Thread

Ⅰ. Rubber coated magnet is an ideal choice

This rectangular rubber-coated magnet has internal threads to provide strong magnetic force. Rubber magnets are available in two different models, with one or two threads, and are part of our famous rubber-coated magnet series. The soft rubber makes magnets ideal for glazing surfaces.

1. Rectangular magnet with 1 or 2 threads;

2. The sturdy neodymium magnet can ensure high magnetic force;

3. The soft rubber can prevent the magnet from sliding even on a smooth surface;

4. The galvanized model makes the magnet suitable for indoor and outdoor applications;

5. With the help of internal thread, the best possible fixing possibility can be realized;

6. Possibility of producing white rubber;

7. The highest temperature: 80°C.


Ⅱ. The characteristics of rectangular rubber coated magnets

These rectangular rubber coated magnets are very strong magnets with one or two internal threads. The rubber-coated neodymium pot magnets are entirely made of high-quality materials, which ensures the robustness of the product. The grade of the rubber magnet with two threads is N48, which has higher strength.

There are two models of this rectangular rubberised magnets. Same size (43x31mm) for both types. If you need other sizes, please consult our technical department.

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