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Recess Former for Other Anchors

Recess Former for Other Anchors

Recess Former for Other Anchors
Recess Former for Other Anchors
Recess Former for Other Anchors


The Rubber coated Magnetic recess former is made of rubber, Metal and NdFeB magnet. In precast concrete, this recess former built a recess in the spread lifting anchor. The recess will let lifting clutch to lift the precast concrete elements. The rubber coating can protect the anchor from corrosion and prevent water collecting and consequently freezing in cold weather. By means of strong force NdFeB magnet, the recess former can be quickly installed in the metal mold without drilling and welding. 

Anchors are placed in precast parts for easy lifting in making buildings afterwards. Anchors come in various shapes, loads so they need formers also in different types.

Item NoDWHNote
GU-TPA-025964147flat anchor 2.5t
GU-TPA-0501255060flat anchor 5.0t


Item NoLWHForceNote
CRRF901822976.584.880A anchor


Before pouring in the concrete, the magnetic recess former attach on the metal mold wall at requested positions. Then we pour the concrete and wait until it is hardened. When we remove the mold, these magnetic recess formers attached on the mold wall stays in shape after demoulding. Anchors remain where they were. The magnetic recess former can be used repeated due to the powerful force.




Magnetic Recess Former for Other Anchors: 

These anchors are used to hang and move the pc part with special lifting devices. Even the flat anchor, they come in various shapes, loads capacity like as 1.3Ton, 2.5Ton, 5Ton, 10Ton, so they need formers also in different types. Current the available sizes we have mass produced is for 2.5ton(Vertical Holding force 60Kgs), 5ton(Vertical Holding force 80kgs), and are making mold to develop the other sizes. 




The Rubber coated magnetic recess former is a popular type in precast concrete magnets elements. It is designed to hold the flat anchor into the position of concrete panel and leave a recess for the clutch to transmit it after demoulding. The rubber made of NBR material, features good durability-anti-oil, no aging for longer than use than normal rubber. The rubber recess former is constant in shape even when heated reach 120℃ or in contact with oil. It can be used several times. In order to ease the identification of the load group the formers can be produced in different colors upon requirements.



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