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Recess Former for Foot Anchor

Recess Former for Foot Anchor

These formers are designed to make it easy when positioning foot anchors from 1.3t up to 10t.. We also provide rubber rings that fits the foot anchor to secure the insertion.

Nowadays more and more people are using magnets fixation when fixing formwork, wire box or any other accessories onto the mold table, to get firm fixation so that each article stays still in position and people get the precast part in the shape as they have expected. By using magnets there is no need for drilling holes so that the mold table could have a longer life. Simply put them where you need and take them away after the job is done, easy and fast. No complex set-ups and detach work and can facilitate your precast work greatly.

Magnetic recess formers are co-used with anchors, before pouring in the concrete, these recess formers attach on the mold wall at requested positions. Anchor with rubber ring is insert into the hole of the former. Then we pour the concrete and wait until it is hardened.


When we remove the mold, these magnetic formers attached on the mold wall leaves also. Anchors remain where they were. These anchors are used to hang and move the pc part with special lifting devices.


We have the magnetic recess formers and rubberized magnetic recess former to meet your unique applications. Magnetic recess formers are available in D60mm(50KG holding force) for 1.3t anchor, D74mm(100KG) for 2.5t, D94mm(120KG) for 5.0t anchor and D118mm(190KG) for 10.0t anchor. While rubberized magnetic recess formers are available in D68mm(50KG holding force) for 1.3t anchor, D83mm(150KG) for 2.5t, D105mm(300KG) for 5t and D130mm(400KG) for 10t. 


Besides we have the pro version magnetic recess former whose neodymium ring magnet on the working surface is whole covered by the steel plate, which can better protect the magnet free from damage even it has been used in an intense vibration environment. What’s more the Pro version can produce even higher holding force. Magnetic recess formers Pro are available in D60mm(150KG) for 1.3t, D74mm(190KG) for 2.5t, D94mm(230KG) for 5t and D118mm(360KG) for 10t. Rubberized magnetic recess formers Pro are available in D66mm(100KG) for 1.3t, D84mm(190KG) for 2.5t, D104mm(300KG) for 5t and D125mm(400KG) for 10t. 

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