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Shuttering Magnet

Shuttering Magnet

Making precast magnet includes a lot of fastening work: fastening formwork on mold table, fixing wire boxes at designated spots etc. Traditional practice would be drilling holes and then insert pins for fastening. To be more exact: drilling holes both on formworks and mold table, fastening by hammering pins into holes. Afterwards, these pins need to be pulled out to detach those magnetic formwork, wire boxes for further use. The process is time-consuming and those holes on mold table reduces its life span.

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By using such insert magnet, there is no need for drilling holes and thus a lot of time and labor is saved. Choose magnets with requested holding force and they will stay on the mold table firmly enough to facilitate the precast work. Simply put them where you need them to be and take them away after the job is done, easy and fast.

Shuttering magnets supplied by Weizhong

All the shutter magnets, as well as other magnetic products for precast, will be packed safely enough for shipping either by air or by the ocean.

We mainly produce orders and deliver parts in the promised time frame. We can also make stock for customers long-time order with partial deliveries.

Technical advantages of shuttering magnets

We offer shuttering magnets --- people also call them magnet box, with vertical holding force up to 2100kg. They come in different sizes and forces.

In addition, we also have a magnetic fixing plate for socked system, magnetic nailing plate, magnetic recess former and rubber coated magnetic recess former.

All these products are designed with an optimized magnetic circuit, with which their superior performance in durability and reliability has been approved in practice.

As a professional precast magnet supplier, we also customize according to customer's special requirement. It could be a minor modification on an existing product or a complete novelty in design.

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FAQs about Shuttering Magnet

  • What's the Use of Shuttering Magnet?

    These permanent holding magnets can be used to hold steel panels, beams, fences and moulds in place. A provision on the magnet enables the user to release the workpiece again.

    Shuttering magnets have a high holding force. To achieve this, good contact with the surface is necessary, since even a small air gap will reduce the holding force.

  • What's the Capabilities of Shuttering Systems in Magnetic Formwork?

    The owners of such systems easily can customize as a magnetic formwork system allows producing concrete products of any shape. The system allows considerably saving time and cost for setting up, maintenance and production performance. Magnetic systems are easy to organize and customize the production of the concrete products in case of necessity to make any changes to the project. In addition, the problem of concrete inserts fixing, blockout and bevel modeling is solved due to the system capabilities.

    This new type of magnetic equipment is widely used all over the world due to the excellent magnetic properties and embedded adapter for formwork systems.

  • What is Shuttering Magnet

    It consists of a switchable NdFeB magnet unit and a steel casing which forms a certain designed magnetic circuit. By pressing the button on top of the steel casing, this magnetic force is activated so that this magnet can fasten the formwork to the steel table tightly.

  • What's the Advantages of a Magnetic shuttering systems?

    Size-conscious design.

    Low weight, however, strong attractive force!

    Time saving to organize and customize a production process.

    Cost saving on removal of the form.

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