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Pot Magnet with Mounting Hole

Pot Magnet with Mounting Hole

They are round magnets with hole in center and they can be also called: pot magnet with borehole, pot magnet with mounting holes, holding magnet with borehole, etc.

This is one of the most widely used pot magnets. They are made by gluing magnets and steel pots together. Filling materials are used upon request for a more powerful fix of magnet inside steel pot. With the use of either NdFeB magnet or ferrite magnet and steel pots in different diameters, these pot magnets come in variety of size & force combinations so that users can always find one that fits their application requirements. Generally, NdFeB pot magnets produce even higher holding force and are more expensive. Ferrite pot magnets are not as strong as NdFeB ones but they are less expensive.

Application of Pot Magnet With Through Hole

  • The magnets with holes in the middle make it easy to fasten the pot magnet on, for example, walls, doors, wood boards, by using screw bolts

  • The wide adaptability of magnet with hole in center leaves users with enough space for their creativity in application.

Introduction of pot magnet with mounting hole

The pot magnet with mounting hole refers to the through hole here, it contains a powerful magnet and a steel cup. The magnet is embedded into the cup, the gap between them can be filled with plastic strips or epoxy to avoid dust. In the center of the complete assembly, there will be a through hole which is used for mechanical attachment of screws to the board.

What are the types of the mounting hole?

WZ magnetics is able to produce different types of pot magnets, with different mounting holes in neodymium and ferrite.

Customers can choose the most appropriate version in exactly dimensions for their applications.

Different applications

Most of the pot magnets are mainly used for holding, mounting or fixation in different places. The pot magnet can be threaded with nut on different boards or just use them directly onto the iron plate.

For indoor uses

  • They can be used for holding the tower rack in the bathroom

    Pot Magnet with Mounting Hole

  • To use as door catch or stopper on a cabinet

    Pot Magnet with Mounting Hole

  • Holding steel trays in the kitchen

    Holding Steel Trays in the Kitchen

For Outdoor uses

  • To hold the work lights, lamps, or any other equipment and devices.

    Pot Magnet with Mounting Hole

    Pot Magnet with Mounting Hole

  • Cameral mounting on the cars

    Pot Magnet with Mounting Hole

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