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Oval Shape NdfeB Pot Magnet

Oval Shape NdfeB Pot Magnet

Oval Shape NdfeB Pot Magnet
Oval Shape NdfeB Pot Magnet
Oval Shape NdfeB Pot Magnet

Product Description

It is a very special part, more challenging than round-shape pot magnets in magnetic circuit design and we successfully secured the magnetic force at its requested size. Don't get stuck with irregular-shape magnetic assemblies and we might be able to, and would very much like to help.

With a special look, the oval shape neodymium pot magnets also could be manufactured with countersunk hole to meet the customers’ special application.

Item No.DdHForce


How and where we can use a pot magnet with countersunk hole?

The pot magnet can be mounted with machining screws into the countersunk on any objects where you want. Easy to install and easy to use.

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