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NdFeB Rubber Coated Magnet with J Hook, Rectangular

NdFeB Rubber Coated Magnet with J Hook, Rectangular

NdFeB Rubber Coated Magnet with J Hook, Rectangular
NdFeB Rubber Coated Magnet with J Hook, Rectangular
NdFeB Rubber Coated Magnet with J Hook, Rectangular

Product Description

This rubber-coated NdFeB magnet has a J hook for hanging and holding objects. The rubber coat of rubber coated magnetic hooks can protect the working surfaces from scratches.

Different methods of Hook Up Applications

1. Hook with screw

When the existing hooks are used, the hooks are fixed by screws, and the wall or furniture needs to be drilled during installation. When the hook is removed, this fixing method will inevitably cause damage to the wall or furniture. And it will leave installation traces and affect the aesthetics of the living environment.


2. Hooks fixed with self-adhesive tape

Although the hooks fixed by self-adhesive tape can be installed without traces, the adhesive force will gradually decrease after the tape is used for a long time, and this type of fixation is a one-time fixation, and the position of the hooks is fixed and cannot be adjusted, resulting in the scope of application of such hooks is relatively small.


3. Hook for fixing by suction cup

For hooks fixed by suction cups, the force of the suction cups is small. When hanging objects, the hooks are prone to fall off easily, which limits their use of the hooks.


4. Hook with rubber coated magnet

Compare with the above Hook up options, NdFeb rubber coated magnet with hook can solve your pain, they can be customized in different sizes.


Our rectangular shape NdFeb rubber coated magnet with J hook is in length 74mm x 35mm width with holding force up to 10 kg in sliding direction, a steel plate with self-adhesive backing is provided for use on the non-magnetic surfaces such as a wall or wooden door. Just clean the surface and glue it on the steel plate, and then you create a ferromagnetic surface for the magnetic hook.


The Rectangular shape NdFeb rubber coated magnet with J hook can be used to hang items with no drilling, can be used repeatedly, with long service life, and will not leave scratches on the attached surface.

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* We test the holding force of magnetic assembly by attaching it to a 20mm thick steel plate (low carbon steel with no coating) at room temperature and then pulling it slowly in the vertical direction with the device that is sensitive enough to record the strength at the moment when the magnetic assembly is separated from the steel plate. This is to give you a reference while the actual holding force in a real application could be different with the change of pulling direction, the thickness of the steel, surface treatment, etc.

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