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NdFeB Rubber Coated Magnet with Cable Tie Mount

NdFeB Rubber Coated Magnet with Cable Tie Mount

NdFeB Rubber Coated Magnet with Cable Tie Mount
NdFeB Rubber Coated Magnet with Cable Tie Mount
NdFeB Rubber Coated Magnet with Cable Tie Mount

Product Description

These rubber-coated magnets are designed for organization, mounting cables, hoses, pipes, etc.

It is an extension of our round shape rubber coating magnets where the round magnet works as a base and a cable tie mount is screwed onto it. As a matter of fact, users can create their own unique extensions by mounting different small gadgets such as:


The rubber coating material is TPV which features great anti-corrosion, UV-proof and anti-oil properties.

The magnet inside is NdFeB, the strongest magnet ever, which produces high force for holding.

The cable tie mount is made of engineering plastic that has superior mechanical characteristics.

You May Also Want to Know

So far we have three different sizes as listed in the table but, technically, we can make other sizes by using a round shape rubberized magnet of another diameter.

The screw that we use now is a regular one made of carbon steel and we can replace it with stainless steel so that the complete product has the better water-resistant ability and is more suitable for a high-humidity environment.

Our rubber-coated magnet with cable tie mount is both RoHS and REACH compliant.


The regular colour is black and we do have other colours available such as white, red, yellow and blue. So, these rubber-coated magnets can work with colour code function.

Tips on Application of These Rubber Coated Magnets

  • The only condition is that the surface that you chose to mount wires on is made of iron.

  • Then, depending on the wire, or cable that you are about to mount you can choose the right magnet with enough force.

  • You can attach the magnet either vertically or horizontally to the iron surface depending on the route of the wiring.

  • Leave appropriate distance between two magnets ---- if the distance is too big then the weight of the wire in between might be too heavy and the magnets could fall off; if the distance is too small then you might use more extra magnets.


Item No.DHForce*Weight

* We test the holding force of magnetic assembly by attaching it on a 20mm thick steel plate (low carbon steel with no coating) at room temperature and then pulling it slowly in vertical direction with the device that is sensitive enough to record the strength at the moment when magnetic assembly is separated from the steel plate. This is to give you a reference while the actual holding force in real application could be different with the change of pulling direction, thickness of the steel, surface treatment, etc.

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