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NdFeB Rubber Coated Magnet with Bore and Counterbore

NdFeB Rubber Coated Magnet with Bore and Counterbore

NdFeB Rubber Coated Magnet with Bore and Counterbore
NdFeB Rubber Coated Magnet with Bore and Counterbore
NdFeB Rubber Coated Magnet with Bore and Counterbore

Product Description

These rubber-coated neodymium magnets have a centre hole on one side and a countersunk hole on the other side. Rubber coating, made from TPV, can protect the working surfaces from scratches and it also features good durability— no discolouration, no ageing for longer use than normal rubber.

The rubber-coated magnet is covered with a layer of rubber on the outer surface of the magnet, usually composed of a sintered NdFeB magnet (strong magnetic), a magnetic conductive sheet (steel in most cases), and a rubber shell. This structure can avoid damage and corrosion, and is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

Rubber-coated magnets are commonly equipped with external threads, flat heads, and internal threads, and can be installed with screws or hooks.


The surface of rubber coated magnet is covered with synthetic rubber material, which offers not only waterproof function but also very good damage resistance that is not easily broken. The over-moulded rubber coat is extremely durable, it enhances horizontal friction force and prevents it from sliding on the mounting surface.

The rubber material coated on the rubber-coated magnet has good physical and chemical properties, by adding different trace components can also make the rubber achieve different characteristics. To meet various applications we have different rubber materials to choose from, NBR rubber is very good oil resistant, EPDM rubber is very good UV resistant and outstanding environmental resistant, etc. you can find a suitable choice in our encapsulated magnets for different applications that require long-term exposure to outdoor sunlight, corrosive gases, liquids, oil pollution, etc.

According to its 12-year long-term measurement research, the Zhongke Sanhuan Research Institute shows that the service life of the NdFeB strong magnet can exceed 30 years, and its magnetic loss is very small even after 50 years. Since the magnet inside the rubber-coated magnet is completely protected by the outer rubber, which is isolated from air and water, the magnet will not corrode even if it is used for a long time, so the magnetic adhesive function can be maintained for a long time.

Rubber-coated magnet with bore and counterbore can be widely used in fixing and holding applications. According to different demands, install different screws to fix the magnet through the middle bore, the counterbore allows the screw head to sink down to be flat on the magnetic side. Our standard products are 43mm diameter with dia 5.5mm middle hole available for M5 screws, we have two versions in force, a 260N version with a neodymium magnet inside, and an 80N version with a ferrite magnet inside. The ferrite magnet version is weaker in force but can be used outdoors as ferrite magnets don’t oxidize. Other size is possible to be customized.


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* We test the holding force of magnetic assembly by attaching it to a 20mm thick steel plate (low carbon steel with no coating) at room temperature and then pulling it slowly in vertical direction with the device that is sensitive enough to record the strength at the moment when the magnetic assembly is separated from the steel plate. This is to give you a reference while the actual holding force in real application could be different with the change of pulling direction, the thickness of the steel, surface treatment, etc.

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