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NdFeB Magnetic Nailing Plate

NdFeB Magnetic Nailing Plate

NdFeB Magnetic Nailing Plate
NdFeB Magnetic Nailing Plate
NdFeB Magnetic Nailing Plate

Product Description

NdFeB Magnetic Nailing Plate is widely used for precast anchors, neodymium magnet socket holder, magnetic nailing, etc. It is available in different diameters and magnetic forces.

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It has a conical housing, this shape makes it easy to release from the hardened concrete. Inside the housing it is an enclosed magnetic core, the magnet is totally covered in the steel and epoxy, the solid structure guarantees the magnetic nailing plate a long working life. 

Except the structure which magnet is totally in the housing, there are also two other designs, one is using a ring magnet in the bottom, and the other is using several disc magnets embedded in the bottom. But the strength of the totally enclosed structure has good advantages than other two designs. You can choose different design as per your needs.



NdFeB magnetic nailing plate can be combined with different sizes of thread rods, from M10 to M36. Of course, other thread sizes are also able to be customized. With the magnetic nailing plate you can DIY the threads according to your needs at your place. Adding a thread rod on magnetic nailing plate, it comes to be a NdFeB magnetic fixing plate for socket system



Magnetic nailing plates are used with steel formwork and are attached by strong magnetic retaining force to the mold in required positions without slipping. Both installation and removing are easily and efficiently, no drilling no welding, save time and cost. The magnetic fixation does not damage the steel mold table to allow longer working life of equipment.

 The magnets can be reused for many times, in-time maintaining like cleaning concrete remains after using and keep them in dry and clean conditions will prevent from rusting and increase the service life. Don’t use the magnets above 80℃ as high temperature will demagnetize the magnet.

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