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NdFeB Magnetic Fixing Plate for Socket System

NdFeB Magnetic Fixing Plate for Socket System

NdFeB Magnetic Fixing Plate for Socket System
NdFeB Magnetic Fixing Plate for Socket System
NdFeB Magnetic Fixing Plate for Socket System

Product Description

These magnetic fixing plates are used to fix the sockets system or accessories to steel formworks. They are made of steel with rare earth neodymium magnet embedded inside to provide strong magnetic adhesive force. We have standard size of diameter Ø60mm, Ø74mm, and Ø90mm, pull-force from 50KGS, 100KGS to 120KGS with different threads M12, M16, M20, M24, M30, M36 to suit different usage. Other dimensions can be customized and available on request.

For the steel housing the standard surface treatment is Zinc plating.

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The thread can rotate freely in 360 degree.

The magnet can be in two versions, six small disc magnets, one big ring magnet. And a up-graded pro version to embed the neodymium ring magnet in the steel housing with steel covering, the magnet is fully protected by steel.

Magnetic Fixing Plate is comprised of a magnetic base and a screw bolt, with which Magnetic Fixing Plate can be fastened on steel mold and the screw bolt can be used to connect cable, pipe, tube etc that are to be placed inside the precast concrte part. Strong force secures the position during pouring of concrete. When release the mold, MFP that attaches on the mold wall leaves together with the mold. These Magnetic Fixing Plates can be used repeatedly.


Advantages of using precast concrete magnets

  • Using precast concrete shuttering magnets, you can get high efficiency by easy and quick operation of magnetic fixing.

  • Great flexibility in production change from one concrete product to the next, allows different concrete products to be processed on the same steel casting table quickly.

  • No damage to the steel table with no drilling, screwing, welding, thus increase the service life of equipment.

  • Long service life with proper maintenance to the magnets.

  • Saving labor, time, money.


Tips of using precast concrete shutting magnets:

  • Wear protective gloves and shoes when using large magnets. Strong magnetic force is also very dangerous, improper operating could cause crushing injury of fingers or skin, even bone fractures.

  • Keep magnets away from electronic equipment like pacemaker, mobile phone, watch, computer, credit cards etc. The magnetic fields may damage these stuffs.

  • Avoid rough handling with hammer as the magnets could break.

  • Maintain the magnets after using, like cleaning out concrete, dirt, debris, keep the magnetic side clean and smooth, oil the surface if possible to prevent rusting.

  • Use and stock the magnets below temperature 80℃, otherwise the magnetic force may decrease or disappear.

  • Stock the magnets in dry and clean conditions to prevent from rusting and corrosion.

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