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Magnetic Poster Hanger

Magnetic Poster Hanger

Poster hanger is just a very general description of their application. In fact they hang not only posters but other objects like notes, banners, labels or whatever the user wants to as long as its within the load limit.


Application of Magnetic Poster Hanger

No matter if you want to hang something from the ceiling, on the wall, on the fridge, on the shelf etc, and no matter what you are about to hang, heavy or light, I am sure you will find something here that fits your requirement.

Not just when hanging posters, if you want to hang banners, tags, temporary notice etc it is a lot easier to use something magnetic as long as you can find a ferrous place to attach it on. Do not bother to search for ropes, ladder, hammer, nails. No need to climb up high and let magnet do all the job

Technical Advantages

All our poster hangers were designed following two basic principles:

1 Hold tight

All these products are to hold somewhere ferrous to hang other objects, so it is crucial that they hold tight enough not to fall even after long time of hanging other objects. Our design makes full use of the magnetic field so as to get the highest possible holding force to ensure safe and longtime hanging.

2 Make things easy

Imagine putting a price tag on a shelf which is already crowded with so many goods and tags that customers could have a hard time corresponding price tag to its item. Our under-shelf magnetic holder can make things easier --- by attaching on the under side of shelf and reaching out to hold price tags it delivers clear ideas about goods and its price. All our products handle such application problems.

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