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Magnetic License Plate Holder

Magnetic License Plate Holder

Magnetic License Plate Holder
Magnetic License Plate Holder
Magnetic License Plate Holder

Brief introduction of magnetic license plate holder

Magnetic license plate holder are smart design and choice for holding your license on the car without any scratching.  This kind of Magnetic license plate holder consist of strong ferrite magnets and steel channel, the complete channel is rubber injection molded or black cloth tapped which make the surface is soft and can be contacted with vehicles directly. The special combination of steel part with magnets brings super amazing power for the customer just like the other magnetic assemblies.

Magnetic license plate holder is covered with TPV rubber, which protects the surface from scratches, this 8'' long ferrite channel magnet also features one mounting hole on each end providing easy fixing for holding purpose. 

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Advantages of using a magnetic license plate holder

This magnetic license plate holder provides more protection to your vehicles. No cloth tape to wear out and no metal to scratch the car! The easy on and off natures of this license plate magnet makes it quickly and simply to move your tag or license from vehicle to vehicle.  

Simply attach the bar magnet to your existing standard size license plate with the included hardware and your plate will securely stick to a metal magnetic surface.  And the job is done.

Tips for using a magnetic license plate holder

Before you mount the plate holder onto the car, please make sure that

1. Confirm your panel surface and bumper are magnetic. Any plastic or aluminum surface will not work.


2. In order to achieve the magnet force, but also to protect the internal magnet and contact  surface,  Our magnetic license plate holder is rubber covered or cloth tapped or rubber extruded, not just metal coated. The soft surface like below types are the best choices.




3. The plate holder is connected with license by screw and nut. Make sure they are available.



4. Magnetic assemblies usually offer great vertical holding force. Make sure attach the plate to the bumper or panel slowly and softly to avoid any strike on the vehicles.


As this kind of products are more and more widely used, Nowadays we can provide more color options, magnetic license plate holder are avaliable in red, blue, black, yellow, white colours. for special custom clours, welcome to contact us.

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