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Ferrite Flat Pot Magnet with Hook, White Powder Coated

Ferrite Flat Pot Magnet with Hook, White Powder Coated

Ferrite Flat Pot Magnet with Hook, White Powder Coated
Ferrite Flat Pot Magnet with Hook, White Powder Coated
Ferrite Flat Pot Magnet with Hook, White Powder Coated

Product Description

Our White Powder Coated Ferrite Flat Pot Magnet with Hook is excellent for holding things on white walls, ceilings or other steel surfaces with a steady holding force.

Item No.DHLdMForceweightFixing
TFE80K-W801828.512M661600135485Hook eye
TFE100K-W100224322M1292900202956Hook eye

Ferrite flat pot magnet with hook, white powder coated

Sometimes when you need to hang something up, but you found there is nowhere you can put it. There is something you may need which is long durable without screw and bolt to be mounted on the wall. The ferrite pot magnets with hooks in powder coated are the perfect choices for your hanging solutions. They are widely used in the garage, workshops, trade fairs or anywhere around the house.

These kind of magnetic ceiling hooks are from WZ magnetics, they are composed of powder coated steel cup, ferrite magnets and strong hooks. They can be used for both vertical or horizontal application because they offer powerful holding force both in vertical and shear.


These multi-purpose magnets offer many applications like hanging small lights, wiring, tools, keys, or labels and signs. They are also great for use on metal doors, shelves, tool boxes, or cabinets. Anywhere in iron, you can just use them as you want.

But sometimes when you want to put them on a refrigerator or somewhere with smooth painting surface, and you may be worried about the scratches. This is totally under WZ magnetics' control.

We can put the non-scratch liners into the packing carton, use them when you need it. It will protect the surface from any scratches or damages.

What's more, We have more product series like rubber coated magnets , for which are totally scratch free, those can be used on the car roof, used for camera fixing,  very well protection of the smooth surface.

To meet different customer's request, and different application situations, WZ magnetics also can offer different colors of magnetic ceiling hooks like follows, red, yellow, blue, green, silver, black and white are available.


These magnetic hooks are various from 16mm to 80mm diameter to meet different requests. The maximum holding force we can reach is 600N. The surface paint is processed by powder coating which guarantee that the color will not fade to yellow as time goes on.

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