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Channel Magnet

Channel Magnet

Channel magnet gets its name exactly from its structure. It shares the same working principle with round shape pot magnet that conduct magnetic field strength via the steel channel to have alternating-pole pattern on the holding face so that high holding force can be obtained.

Types of Channel Magnet

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Application of Channel Magnet

Use your creative mind and there is no limitation about how these channel magnets can be used. Here are some examples:

  • Those channel magnets with grippers are used in offices, stores to hold labels, tags;

  • 24” channel magnet can be used as a sweeper for cleaning metal chips;

  • Rubber coated 8” channel magnet is the best magnetic licence plate holder used as a magnetic licence plate holder on cars;

  • Magnetic tool hanger like 1” channel magnet with hook is used to hang posters

This list goes on and on with your special application ideas.

Technical Advantages of Neodymium Channel Magnet

Just like what we have done with pot magnet, in Weizhong Mangetics Co. Ltd, we have developed this simple product into a series of various channel magnets to satisfy different applicational requirement.

Length-wise, the shortest channel magnet from us is 1” long (25.4mm) while the longest one is 24” (609mm). We can customize them according to your request on length.

We use two types of magnets: neodymium, ferrite, to have various force & length combinations.

For surface protection, we have channel magnet with cloth tape or with rubber coating.

We have other versions such as, with hook, with PVC gripper, with mounting holes

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FAQs about Channel Magnet

  • What's the Common applications of Channel Magnet?

    • Door latches 

    • Vehicle license plate holders 

    • Blueprint holders 

    • Sign and banner holders

  • what is Channel Magnet?

    Channel Magnetic Assemblies are created using ceramic magnets clad in a steel channel. ... The maximum increase in power is obtained when magnets are sandwiched between two plates. For example: A 0.187" thick x 0.750" wide x 1" long rubber magnet has 4 oz. of pull strength.

  • What's the Holding and pull strength of Channel Magnet?

    Channel assemblies are up to 32 times stronger than ceramic magnets by themselves. Pull strength is tested on a flat steel plate 3/8 inch thick. The pull may vary depending on the surface it is attracted to, for example, if the steel is less than 3/8 inch thick, coated, rough or rusty. We recommend that you obtain a sample to test and confirm the actual pull / holding capability when used in your application.

  • What's the principle of Channel Magnet?

    The strong neodymium magnets are embedded in a U-shaped steel profile. The steel reinforces the adhesive force of the magnet if the magnet touches a thick iron surface directly. If there is no direct contact with the counterpart or when the iron sheet is thin, painted or rough, the magnet's adhesive force is much weaker.

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