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Pro Version Magnetic Recess Former for Foot Anchor

Pro Version Magnetic Recess Former for Foot Anchor

Brief Introduction of Pro Version Magnetic Recess Former for Foot Anchor

Magnetic recess former are used to install capstan anchor in metal mold wall for position, where the lifting anchor are not accessible when casting. Before pouring in the concrete, these magnetic recess formers attach on the metal mold wall at requested positions. Then we pour the concrete and wait until it is hardened. When we remove the mold, these magnetic recess formers attached on the mold wall stays in shape after demoulding. Anchors remain where they were. These anchors are used to hang and move the pc part with special lifting devices.

Types of Pro Version Magnetic Recess Former for Foot Anchor

We have developed two group regular version magnetic recess former: Steel surface magnetic former and Rubber coating magnetic former. Based on our regular version we made the pro version——optimization on the structure of these foot anchors by design a steel plate upon the bottom magnet, so that they produce even higher force (50%~300%+ higher). More importantly, the cost of these pro version foot anchors did not increase that much and this means that customers just need to pay almost the same price to get higher force foot anchors.

These magnetic former are zinc plated for corrosion resistance or made with a rubber coating. They are available in load groups 1.3Ton, 2.5Ton, 5Ton, 10Ton.

1). NdFeb Recess Former Pro for Foot Anchor

NdFeB Recess Former Pro for Foot Anchor, There are available diameters: D60mm(150KG holding force) for 1.3t anchor, D74mm(190KG holding force) for 2.5t, D94mm(230KG holding force) for 5.0t anchor, D118mm(360KG holding force) for 10.0t anchor. 

Item NoDHhdMForce

Normally the steel magnetic recess former is used together with a T anchor(also called double head pin achor) and rubber ring. In application, the T Anchor with rubber ring is firstly insert into the hole of the magnetic former, by means of the magnet itself adsorption function, and then suck the assemblied product on the metal mold wall for pouring


2). Rubberized Magnetic Recess Former

Rubberized magnetic recess former, There are available diameters: D66mm(100KG holding force) for 1.3t anchor, D84mm(190KG holding force) for 2.5t, D104mm(300KG holding force) for 5.0t anchor, D125mm(400KG holding force) for 10.0t anchor.

Item NoDHdhMForce

In application, this rubberize magnetic recess former is different from that steel magnetic former because of the elastic nature of the rubber itself. End users use it directly together with a T anchor, don’t need the rubber ring, the rubber former hole can hold the steel anchor tightly without move.


Benefits of Pro Version Magnetic Recess Former for Foot Anchor:

Magnetic recess former is a modern way for fixing and fastening, with which the traditional way is to use fasteners, pins and usually spend a long time labor-consuming in hole-drilling, fixing or taking off. Further, drilling holes will make the metal mould table and formers less durable than they should be. Using magnetic recess former, which produce strong holding force as a result of the magnet inside and optimized magnetic circuit design, saves huge amount of time. That's why customers in the precast industry increasingly prefer this fast solution.

1)Reducing the complexity and time of the installation and demoulding.
2)No need for drilling and welding, no damage to the metal mold wall.
3)Repeated use, strong force don’t decrease after a long using.
4)Steel plate upon the bottom protect inside NdFeB magnet from corrosion resistance

4)Customized dimension to suit your anchor.


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