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Precast formwork magnets in nowadays use

Precast formwork magnets in nowadays use

Precast formwork magnets in nowadays use

The precast concrete shuttering magnet is composed of a strong magnetic magnet and a steel shell, which forming a special magnetic circuit and generate extremely strong pulling force while using. precast magnet is a new magnetic technology for prestressed concrete panel wall manufacturing, and they are widely used in precast concrete industry.


The traditional fastening method is mainly by a large number of pins and screws, which requires a lot of labor, takes a long time, and causes a lot of waste of resources. Whats more, screw holes will be left on the surface, and the installation method are time-consuming and costly.

The precast concrete shuttering magnets are made of permanent neodymium magnets ,which has very strong holding force. which can be adsorbed on the prefabricated steel mold table to fix the baffle and frame; it can also fix and pre-embed hanging nails, wire boxes, bellows and other accessories.

Nowadays the precast formwork magnets are gradually replacing traditional fastening methods. For which precast formwork to reduce construction pollution, save energy resources,  and improve labor productivity and quality levels. 

These precast formwork magnets produced by weizhong magnetics are more and more favored by domestic and foreign customers. As we also provide targeted solutions for different application scenarios of these products to save costs and improve efficiency . we have also accumulated a lot of experience in the production and application of precast formwork magnets, and can promptly provide professional and feasible solutions for our customers about precast formwork magnets with high quality and affordable price from us.

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