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Pot Magnet: Underrated Magnetic Components

Pot Magnet: Underrated Magnetic Components

Most users think that the production process of pot magnets is very simple, but it is not. In order to meet various requirements, magnetic assembly manufacturers need to consider many factors to meet the tension specified by the customers.

What is a pot magnet?

The magnet is covered by a steel shell, which is shaped like a pot. This is why we call it a pot magnet. The steel shell will increase its tension through magnetic circuit design. We can clearly see the distribution of simple magnet and pot magnet of magnetic field lines through simulation software. The magnetic field lines of simple magnets are freely distributed in the air. The permeability of steel shell is much better than that of air, so the magnetic field line is easier to pass through in steel shell than in air. The magnetic field lines will be focused on the working surface through the magnetic circuit.

The components of a pot magnet

Magnet: Unlike a simple magnet, the pot magnet only shows one side. For the pot magnet, the magnetization direction of the magnet will pass through the axial direction. NdFeB, SmCo, and ferrite are suitable for pot magnets.

Steel shell: The steel shell can help the magnet to be free from cracks and debris. Most magnets are brittle and the steel shell could ensure assemble of threaded holes and short column inserts. The most important function of the steel shell is to increase the magnetic field.

Spacer: Spacer can be made of plastic, epoxy, and brass. The isolation layer between the magnet and the steel shell could prevent the magnet from demagnetizing from the steel.

Classification of pot magnets

There are five main types of pot magnets: counterbore, rod, through-hole, internal thread, and external thread.

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