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Magnetic Terms

Magnetic Terms

1.Neodymium magnet: also known as NdFeB, strongest permanent magnet ever invented, made from neodymium, iron, boron and other metals. It features high magnetic energy and is widely used. With Nd, Fe being active metals and easy to have chemical reaction with water, air , neodymium magnet often comes with coating for corrosion prevention. NiCuNi coating, Zn coating, epoxy coating are normally used coatings.

2.Ceramic (ferrite) magnet: magnet made from iron oxides as main material. Comparing with rare earth magnet, ceramic (ferrite) magnet features lower magnetic energy, lower cost and better corrosion resistance ability.  

3.Rare earth magnets: magnets made from rare earth elements. Representatives are neodymium magnet, SmCo magnet.

4.Magnetization: the process to magnetize a magnet so as to let it have magnetic field normally by using a winding coil with a sudden high voltage current going through, which creates a instantaneous high density magnetic field to magnetize. 

5.Demagnetization: to eliminate magnetism of a magnet by using a coil that create an opposite magnetic field.

6.Magnetic assembly: simply put, it is a category of products that combines magnet with non-magnetic component according to certain optimized magnetic circuit design. Magnetic assembly features enhanced holding force and easier mounting.

7.Holding force: we test the holding force of magnetic assembly by attaching it on a 10mm thick steel sheet at room temperature and then pulling it slowly in vertical direction with the device that is sensitive enough to record the strength at the moment when magnetic assembly is separated from the steel sheet. This is to give you a reference where the actual holding force in real application could be different with the change of, for example, pulling direction, thickness of the surface etc.

8.Magnetic shielding: to block magnetic field by using shielding materials, normally metal sheet, so that the magnetic field is reduced greatly. This is mostly used in packing magnetic assemblies for air shipment.

9. A B glue: This is not a special brand name of glue --- just a simple mixture of two different glues proved to have fabulous performance when used in gluing magnet onto metal parts. This is what we use in producing most of our magnetic assemblies.

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