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Magnetic Hook - Convenient Small Items in Life

Magnetic Hook - Convenient Small Items in Life

Speaking of hooks, we all think of using plastic hooks that everyone is very familiar with. However, we know that although plastic hooks are more convenient and relatively cheap, the performance is not flattering.

In recent years, many smart people have been making small inventions, obtaining some patented products, and winning a lot of economic benefits by selling patents. At the same time, they are also promoting social progress. Magnet utility hooks were born under this situation.

Its appearance shows that the ordinary hook is not good to use. Things on that kind of hoooks often fall off after a short period of time. I believe many people have had similar experiences, which sometimes even caused great losses. So someone invented a kind of magnet utility hooks, and the performance of the permanent magnet determines how much force the hook can withstand.

After being put on the market, almost all users who have used it can well accept the use of magnet utility hooks instead of plastic hooks or iron hooks. Of course, it is clear for people to feel the convenient use of the magnetic hanging hooks. But from the short-term effect, it seems that the price of magnetic hooks does not have any advantage. For the consumption concept of domestic people, they are not willing to play a higher price in the purchase of a product at one time, especially when there are similar products with low prices to compare.

But really after you have used the magnetic hook, you will find that it is worth spending a little more money, because the magnetic hook is much better regardless of the convenience or the effect of use. Needless to say in terms of life, plastic hooks can only be used for a year or a few months,  while magnetic hooks can be used even in decades.

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