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Magnetic Assembly for Magnetic Formwork System

Magnetic Assembly for Magnetic Formwork System


Precast factories produce each ‘component’ of a building such as walls, floors, stairs, roofs and then construction workers put these components together to have a building. These walls, stares, roofs etc are produced on a steel table by concrete pouring into forms. Forms need to be fastened on steel table firmly and that is where shuttering magnet, recess former work.

Benefits Of Using Magnetic Assemblies In Precast

Traditional way to fasten forms onto the steel table is to insert pins into pre-drilled holes on both steel table and forms, with which the work runs with low efficiency as it requires quite a lot of labor in hole-drilling, setting the forms and disassembling forms from steel table afterwards. What's more, holes make both the steel table and forms less durable than they should be. 

Formwork magnets including precast magnet do not need holes and they offer an easy, quick approach in doing the work. For example, our shuttering magnets, coming in different models according to the holding force they create, can be attached on the steel table by just a press on the knob. In stead of taking out all the pins to remove the form, it takes much less time to lever up the knob to disassemble the shuttering magnet and then to remove the forms.

Features Of Magnetic Formwork Systems From Weizhong Mgnetics

We pay attention to details with continuous optimization engineering to make our shuttering magnets, recess formers, fixing plates more durable than our rival’s. Our efforts has been approved by our customers in the form of repeated purchases and enlarged customer base. They enjoy our solid design, rugged reliability. 

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