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Knowledge of Pot Magnet

Knowledge of Pot Magnet

The pot magnet not only has a strong attraction, but also has excellent field projection ability in direct contact with the workpiece.

The neodymium in these pot magnets has a higher working temperature and intrinsic coercivity. The neodymium iron boron pot magnet can even be used as a Class I or Class II food grade device. The pot magnets and hooks made of neodymium iron boron have the characteristics of small size and large suction. When they are vertically adsorbed on the surface of the material, the suction can be maximized. In addition to the built-in magnet and the external iron shell structure, its attractive force also depends on the material, thickness, flatness, and friction of the surface to be absorbed.

1. Features of pot magnet

1) Small size and powerful function;

2) The strong magnetic force is only concentrated on one side of the pot magnet, and there is almost no magnetism on the other three sides, so the magnet is not easy to break;

3) The magnetic force is five times that of a magnet of the same volume;

4) The pot magnet can attract or move freely on the metal surface;

5) Permanent magnet, long service life.

2. Application of pot magnets

Neodymium pot magnets are widely used in industry and life, such as in workshops, factories, warehouses, and offices. It can also be used to make labels, posters, tools, Christmas wreaths, notes, etc.

3. Adsorption power of pot magnet

1) The adsorption force of the pot magnet is the vertical force in the vertical direction, and the vertical force in the horizontal direction will be much smaller.

2) The adsorption force of the pot magnet is also related to the roughness of the adsorption interface.

According to customer's application requirements, our company can produce pot magnets with different sizes, strengths and different accessories.

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