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Knowledge About Rubber Coated Magnet Components

Knowledge About Rubber Coated Magnet Components

Rubber coated magnet components: These magnetic systems have enhanced corrosion resistance, especially when used on fragile surfaces. The soft rubber coating leads to higher shear forces.

These rubber coated magnet systems can also have high adhesion on curved surfaces (such as the inner wall of a wind tower). In addition to the standard, we also provide individual solutions:

1. Other colors of rubber coating;

2. Harder rubber coating;

3. Print the corresponding content on the rubber according to your requirements;

4. Other installation options (such as external thread);

5. Higher magnetic attraction.

Weizhong Magnetics Co.,Ltd is a professional magnetic products manufacturer. We are equipped with specially designed semi-automatic and fully automatic production lines. The material we use to produce rubber coated magnets is TPV. Due to its more stable chemical properties, its durability is better than ordinary rubber, so you don't have to worry about it will harden or peel off after a long time.

More than 95% of our products are exported to European countries and the United States. The diversity of our magnetic component products makes us qualified to be your one-stop partner in this field. You are welcome to discuss cooperation with us at any time!

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