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Introduction of Precast Concrete Magnet

Introduction of Precast Concrete Magnet

In recent years, precast concrete has become the new generation of commercial building material which replaced traditional site-cast concrete. Precast concrete has been widely favored due to its durability, flexibility and economic efficiency in the construction industry. As an essential accessory of the precast concrete system, the precast concrete magnet is used to fix different embedded parts during the concrete pouring process.

1. Classification of the precast concrete magnet

According to specific usage scenarios, the precast concrete magnet can be divided into the shuttering magnet, the insert magnet and the magnetic chamfer.

The shuttering magnet is used to fix the side rails and blocks when pouring concrete into the stainless steel plate. The magnetic array has a very strong attractive force to the adhesive plate, and the switch function can be achieved by the clamping handle. Weizhong Magnetics has collected a lot of useful experience in the shuttering magnet. The company can provide suitable solutions to customers with the help of simulation software, testing and manufacturing facilities.

Constructors need to reserve a number of different switches and pipeline holes, and embedded connecting and lifting cylinders. The inserted magnet is used to fix the embedded parts mentioned, which has a very similar shape and principle to the ordinary pot neodymium magnet.

2. Advantages of the precast concrete magnet

  • Labor and material costs can be greatly reduced, and it also improves the efficiency of the installation.

  • It can be accurately positioned very easily.

  • The screw, bolt and welding process can be avoided during positioning, the stainless steel plate is free of damage.

  • It is reusable so that it can remain long service life with shorter payback.

  • It significantly improves the operating environment while ensuring safety.

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