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How To Prevent Neodymium Magnets From Rusting

How To Prevent Neodymium Magnets From Rusting

Introduction of NdFeB magnets

NdFeB magnets are the most outstanding magnets among rare earth permanent magnet materials. The alloy magnets composed of metal neodymium, iron, boron and other trace elements and made by powder metallurgy process. NdFeB magnets have high remanence, high coercive force and extremely high energy, are also very cost-effective with good machinability.

NdFeb magnet contains +60% iron and about 30% neodymium which are very reactive metal elements. So the surface of NdFeB magnet has poor anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion ability. Neodymium magnets are like iron: without protection, they rust easily. So neodymium magnet needs to be surface treated with electroplating. Generally it can be electroplated with nickel, zinc, gold, chromium, epoxy, etc. The typical plating of neodymium magnet is a bottom layer of nickel followed by a middle layer of copper and then an outer layer of nickel.


How to prevent strong NdFeb magnets from rusting and how to store them ?

1. First of all, find a high-quality magnet manufacturer, then quality of the magnets are assured, check and confirm it. Weizhong Magnetics is a reliable manufacturer & supplier of magnets.

2. Pack neodymium magnets in vacuum sealed plastic bag to prevent oxidation caused by contact with air.


Pack magnets in plastic bag with silica gel inside carton


3. When placed in the warehouse, wooden pallet can be placed to isolate the ground to prevent the increase of moisture in the air;


4. Store in a dry, cool environment;

5. On the basis of magnet electroplating, a rubber coating can be added to be double guaranteed for some applications.

To apply neodymium magnets to more working conditions and use in more application scenarios, Weizhong Magnetics produces and supplies Rubber Coated Magnets product series.

Rubber Coated Magnets

Rubber Coated Magnets, also known as rubber coating magnets, rubber covered magnets or rubberized magnets, which mainly refer to products that with the combination of electroplated neodymium magnets, steel plate and durable rubber coating.  

Rubber coating magnet assemblies have powerful magnetic strength and soft protective rubber covers. For the outer coating we use TPV rubber material, which has long-term aging durability combined with dimensional stability and physical properties over the life of the part, also features good corrosion resistance and has good performance of rust protection. For the exposed threads or holes we can use stainless steel to be corrosion resistant to allow usage in harsh environment.


To know more about rubber coated magnets, Please click https://www.weizhongmagnetics.com/products/rubber-coated-magnet/

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