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How to Control the Product Quality of NdFeB Rubber Coated Magnets?

How to Control the Product Quality of NdFeB Rubber Coated Magnets?

Neodymium iron boron (NdFeB) permanent magnet is also called modern industrial monosodium glutamate. As a high-performance magnetic material for modern industry, it promotes the progress of contemporary technology and society. It is widely used in various fields. How to judge the comprehensive advantages of NdFeB rubber coated magnet products?

1. Magnetic properties of NdFeB rubber coated magnets

First of all, the key is to control the magnetic properties of the raw materials used in the production process.

(1) The raw materials purchased by the raw material manufacturer based on business needs should meet the requirements of the national standards.

(2) The advanced nature of the production technology also determines the performance and quality of NdFeB rubber-coated magnets.

(3) It is important to monitor the quality of NdFeB rubber encased magnets during the production process.

2. The shape, size and tolerance of the NdFeB rubber-coated magnet

Make use of various shapes of rubber-coated magnets, such as round, special-shaped, square, tile-shaped, and trapezoidal types.

Materials of different sizes are processed by different machine tools, which are used to cut rough materials. Advanced technology and professional machine operators determine the accuracy of the product.

3. Surface coating treatment of NdFeB rubber coated magnets

It is important to look at the quality of the surface coating, and electroplating technologies involving zinc, nickel, nickel copper-nickel, electrocoppering and gold.

The options for electroplating can be selected on the products according to customer requirements. In order to judge the pros and cons of the product quality of NdFeB rubber-coated neodymium magnets, it is important to analyze the performance, control of dimensional tolerance, and judge the appearance inspection and evaluation of the coating.

Detect the Gaussian surface of the magnetic flux of the NdFeB rubber coated magnet, and carry out other tests; the dimensional tolerance can be measured with a vernier caliper; the color and brightness of the coating and the bonding force of the coating should be analyzed, and whether the magnet surface is clean, whether there are spots, edges or corners should be determined by observing its appearance, so as to evaluate the quality of the product.

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