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Features of Neodymium Magnet of Rubber Coated Magnet

Features of Neodymium Magnet of Rubber Coated Magnet

1. The strength of the rubber-coated magnet is higher

Due to the N42 neodymium magnet, the vertical magnetic pull on a steel plate with thickness of 0.33 inch (10 mm) is 18.5 pounds. Based on this, the rubber-coated magnet is stronger.

2. The rubber-coated magnet has no scratches and greater friction with the magnet

Rubber can protect the magnet from damage, avoid scratching the painted surface and restrict the magnet from sliding on a smooth surface.

3. Various uses of round strong rubber-coated magnet

1/4"-20 male threaded studs are screwed directly into the threaded hole of the fixed body, or pass through a hole and fasten with a nut to connect any hardware components. It is very suitable for cameras, videos, display panels, automatic equipment, tools and machines.

4. The rubber coated magnet has good corrosion resistance

Rubber coatings are water resistant and have good corrosion resistance. Loss of magnetic performance within 10 years does not exceed 2%

5. Rubber coated magnet package includes: 4 magnet bases + spring washers + flat washers + nuts.

Weizhong Magnetics Co.,Ltd, as a professional magnet manufacturing company, we are equipped with specially designed semi-automatic and fully automatic production lines. The material we use to produce rubber coated magnets is TPV. Due to its more stable chemical properties, it has better durability than ordinary rubber does.

You don’t have to worry about that it becomes hard or peels off after a long time use. More than 90% of our products go to European countries and the United States. The diversity of our magnetic component products makes us qualified to be your one-stop partner in this field. Welcome to cooperate with us!

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