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Differences between rubber coated magnets and normal coated pot magnets

Differences between rubber coated magnets and normal coated pot magnets

Differences between rubber coated magnets and normal coated pot magnets

Most of the magnets are used for holding and mounting, so many customers are also curious about that what are the differences between rubber coated magnets and  normal coated pot magnets?

1.Different composition

  • Normal coated pot magnets are made of strong magnet and steel parts


  • Rubber coated magnets usually consist of powerful disc neodymium magnets, steel parts and high durable TPV rubber.


2.Different internal design

Pot magnet or a cup magnet usually consists of a permanent magnet contained within a galvanized steel casing. By using a steel pot to encase a piece of disc magnet we can get higher magnetic field strength around the edge area, which is the same with the rubber coated magnets.


Rubber coated magnet generally use several small NdFeb magnets with N/S/N/S lined in the steel plate with rubber coating. In this way we can get a stronge magnetic assembly which to be used in more applications.


3.Different Appearance

(1) Different Surface Coating

The normal steel pot magnet usually looks brightness silver because it is a metal cup coated with Nickle, Zinc or Chrome.

The Rubber coated magnet will be no metallic color, Which covered with rubber casing. And can be customized in different shapes.


(2)Different Color Options

Normal pot magnet generally appeared in metallic color, which also can be customized with black and white coatings.

Rubber coating magnet can be made in different colors, like black, white, red, blue, yellow and more. , which can be used in more applications.


(3) Different Attaching Surface Request

When you want to hold something onto a really sensitive surface that you do not want to leave any scratches, rubber coated magnets are absolutely your best choice for them. The soft TPV rubber will not leave any rubber strips or residue.

4.Different Performance

Sometimes in the normal temperature and environment, the steel pot magnets and rubber coated magnets have the same functions. But when we are in the extremely harsh environment, like in the water, oil, corrosive or extreme cold or extreme heat working conditons, the normal steel pot with Nickle, Zinc or Chrome coating will easily get rusty and peeled off. However rubber coated magnets have waterproof, oil resistance and anti-corrosion performance. Which can be used in those extremel harsh environment. Compare with normal coated pot magnet, rubberized magnet has more working conditons.

Weizhong Magnetics is a professional magnetic assembly manufacturer , we have accumulated rich experience and built up our expertise in manufacturing, engineering of pot magnets, rubber coated magnets and other magnets assemblies, And our sales network covers multiple countries and regions. To know us more,  Welcome to contact us!

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