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Detailed Analysis of Magnetic Assemblies

Detailed Analysis of Magnetic Assemblies

I'm sure that many of you know about magnets. But magnetic assemblies would be asked. Assemblies? What do you mean? Magnetic assemblies are an element that consists of a magnet, hardware and plastic. Now let's introduce the magnetic assemblies in detail.


Hardware magenetic assembly, as the name suggests, are the combination of magnets and hardware products. Magnets are generally divided into NdFeB strong magnets and permanent ferrite magnets. Magnetic hardware products are not hardware products with magnetism, but  magnets wrapped in hardware products, so that hardware products have magnetism and produce stronger magnetic field strength.


Each customer has different uses of the products, so the hardware magnetic assemblies need professional customization. Therefore, the performance, tolerance, temperature resistance, specifications and shapes of the products will be different. As for NdFeB strong magnets, we can produce different shapes of hardware magnetic products according to the needs of customers, but the specific condition depends on the production capacity of each magnetic assembly manufacturer. If the ferrite needs mold production, it will be more complicated. However, as long as accurate information is provided, it can also be produced according to the specifications provided by customers.


Products of plastic magnetic assemblies, the same as hardware magnetic assemblies, which literally means plastic products with magnetism. Ordinary plastics have no ferromagnetism. But plastic parts and magnets can be combined to make them magnetic. For this, we currently have plastic magnetic hooks and other related products. The main advantages of plastics are high impact strength and low density, which can be processed by cutting, peeling, drilling, welding, laminating and embossing. It is not easy to break when using it. Combining these characteristics of plastics with magnets can further expand the application range of magnets and meet the requirements of a special application environment.

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