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Definition and Features of the Magnet Assemblies

Definition and Features of the Magnet Assemblies

Magnet assemblies, also known as magnetic components, are usually made of magnets and plastic parts by injection molding, and also combined with hardware stainless steel.

Our common single-sided magnet can also be regarded as a kind of magnet assemblies, which is the combination of the iron shell and magnet. This kind of magnet is low in cost and widely used in packaging, handbags, and leather goods.

The magnetic suction cup assembly (pot neodymium magnet) is assembled by neodymium iron boron powerful magnet, iron parts and plastic ring. It is usually used for car ceiling lights, cabinets and door stops, ceiling fixing, and mechanical equipment by many foreign customers. It is used in quite extensive fields, according to customer needs!

What are the characteristics of magnet assemblies?

The magnetic deep pot magnet has the characteristics of small size and large suction force. When it is vertically adsorbed on the surface of the material, the suction force can be maximized. In addition to the built-in magnet and the external iron shell structure, its attractive force also depends on the material, thickness, flatness, and friction of the surface to be absorbed.

As a professional magnet making company, Weizhong Magnetics Co., Ltd is equipped with specially designed semi-automatic and fully automatic production lines. In addition, we also have experienced professional staff. Our annual output is tens of millions of magnet assemblies. More than 90% of our products go to end users and distributors in European countries and the United States. The diversity of our magnetic component products makes us qualified to be your one-stop partner in this field. If you need to customize other specifications, please contact our online customer service!

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