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    When all efforts are concentrated on one point it is a matter of time to make a difference. We hold this belief in our work and have been dedicated in magnetic assembly ever since 2010. With accumulated experience we built up our expertise in manufacturing, engineering of magnetic assemblies aiming at holding application. So far, we have established the most complete production facility, which is ISO 9001 certified, for production of all kinds of magnetic assemblies that come in various shapes and forces, where the most popular items include channel magnets, hook magnets, rubber coated magnets, shuttering magnets, magnet box, pot magnets, mounting magnets, magnet base etc


    As a dedicated manufacturer, we are equipped with specially designed semi-automatic, full-automatic production lines, and, on top of that, we have experienced professional staff. Our yearly output is tens of millions magnetic assemblies that meet the standard of the most critical customers. The diversity of our products in magnetic assemblies qualifies us as your one-stop partner in this field.


    To produce high quality is always our goal and our approaches include:

    • Well-trained personnel who know their work well and fulfill their responsibilities

    • ISO9001 compliance

    • Professional equipment

    Our customers can totally rely on us about quality.


    As a result of continuous engineering experiments, we are able to lower the cost to offer really competitive prices. This is based on the premise that there is no compromise on quality. With given quality requirements we tend to choose the most suitable components to avoid unnecessary extra cost. We are able to do this because repeated experiments gave us plenty of data which enable us to establish a quantified relationship between components and performance of final products.

    Besides, We produce millions of magnetic products every year and we enjoy favorable discount prices from our suppliers due to our bulk purchase. We pass on this favor to our customers.


    Our team consists of well-trained people with rich experience in their function. Your requirement will be handled by the most reliable hands.