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Characteristics of Permanent Magnets

Characteristics of Permanent Magnets

Characteristics of Permanent Magnets

The permanent pot magnet is a component product made of high-performance permanent magnets (ferrite or NdFeB) and non-magnetic materials (steel, plastic, epoxy resin and other auxiliary materials). The attached surface is designed to achieve high magnetic field strength and reduce costs, and the adsorption and unloading can be achieved smoothly only through the distance, saving the trouble of traditional drilling and screw operations. The permanent pot magnet adopts permanent magnetic material as the core of the product, which makes the product smaller in size, stronger in lifting force and permanent in magnetic force. permanent pot magnets are used in a wide range of applications including prefabrication, installation, tooling, electronics, green energy and automotive.


The maximum magnetic energy product of a permanent magnet is one of the important parameters to measure the stored energy of a magnet (the unit is MGOe). Generally speaking, within a certain application range, the higher the maximum energy product, the larger the magnetic field generated by the magnet. In our permanent magnet chucks, we mainly use two kinds of permanent magnets, ferrite and neodymium iron boron. Among them, the maximum magnetic energy product of the ferrite magnetic assembly is slightly lower than that of NdFeB, so the suction produced by the permanent magnet chuck using ferrite is also lower than that of the permanent magnet chuck products using NdFeB. However, the price of ferrite is lower than that of NdFeB, so ferrite permanent magnet chucks are better than NdFeB permanent magnet chucks in terms of cost of use.

One of the characteristics of permanent magnets is that under the proper use environment, the magnetic field strength will remain unchanged for a long time, that is to say, as long as it is used properly, the attraction force of the permanent magnet will always exist and will not disappear. Our permanent magnetic suction cups make the product more beautiful with a professionally designed appearance, and can also be used as home decoration and display.

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