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  • Characteristics of Permanent Magnets262022.12The permanent pot magnet is a component product made of high-performance permanent magnets (ferrite or NdFeB) and non-magnetic materials (steel, plastic, epoxy resin and other auxiliary materials).Details
  • Precast formwork magnets in nowadays use192022.12The precast concrete shuttering magnet is composed of a strong magnetic magnet and a steel shell, which forming a special magnetic circuit and generate extremely strong pulling force while using. precast magnet is a new magnetic technology for prestressed concrete panel wall manufacturing, and they are widely used in precast concrete industry.Details
  • Introduction of NdFeB Memo Magnet with Notch122022.12These brilliantly designed NdFeB memo magnets are made of NdFeB magnet and steel plate, which are widely used on whiteboards, fridges and memo-boards for attaching notes, messages, documents or any kind of paper and other ring key in offices, classrooms, homes or factories.Details
  • Introduction of pot magnet with eyelet052022.12The NdFeB flat pot magnet with eyelet is made of strong NdFeB magnet and steel eyelet, which is an extend of NdFeb fat pot magnet with internal threaded bush. Via the eyelet hook, it can fasten a pulling rope through and fixing something.Details
  • How much weight can precast formwork magnets lift282022.11When in production of precast concrete parts like a wall or a stair, the pouring of cement paste will produce strong push force against the side baffles and fitting accessories like lifting anchors, embedded wire box, etc. So strong precast formwork magnets are needed to fix the side baffles, lifting anchors, wire box, etc. in place firmly on the casting stable.Details
  • Magnetic Ceiling Hooks212022.11Magnetic ceiling hooks are made of strong neodymium magnet or ferrite magnet and carbon steel, magnetic ceiling hooks are perfect solution for hanging POS, signs and other items to ceiling or roof trusses together with other accessories...Details
  • Retrieving magnet & Fishing magnet142022.11Retrieving magnets are also known as fishing magnets. Just as its name implies, fishing magnet is used for fishing, but the target object are not fish, but metal objects. such as nails, screws, nuts, bolts and more...Details
  • No-Drill No-Holes Magnetic license plate holder072022.11Magnetic license plate holder has nice rubber coating protection, Which covered in coating rubber prevents scratches and paints for your car surface. if you don’t want to drill your bumper, The magnetic license plate holder is a perfect choice for you...Details

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