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Applications of Magnetic Hooks

Applications of Magnetic Hooks

What is a Magnetic Hook?

Magnetic hook is a magnetic hanging tool that combines a holding pot magnet base with a hook attachment. Magnetic hooks are made of strong neodymium magnet or ferrite magnet and carbon steel, plastic, rubber etc. Magnets can be attracted by iron or magnetic material, you can attach magnetic hooks to appliances, doors, windows, cabinets, ceilings, walls or any other steel surface to provide a convenient hanging spot.


What are Magnetic Hooks Used for?

Rubber-coated magnetic hooks can be used for household, commercial, industrial and technical applications. Magnet hooks can be used in the house to hang keys, pictures, indoor tools like scissors and knives, cleaning equipment like brooms and mops, clothing on a hanger and more. Magnet hook can also be used for hanging lights, wires, cables, tools, banners, signs and more.


Use a magnetic door hook to hang my keys on the exit door of my house so I don’t forget to take them when I go out.

Used magnetic hook: white rubber coated magnet with female thread RCND43F-M4 with a white painted hook accessory, the rubber coating protects the painted door surface from scratching and increases friction force.


Use magnetic wall hooks attached to the equipment cabinet in the corner of the room to hang mop cloth and duster cloth, clean and tidy, and space-saving.

Used magnetic hooks: https://www.weizhongmagnetics.com/products/ferrite-flat-pot-magnet-with-hook.html



Use 2 pieces hook magnets attached to ceiling to hang a wind board to stop cool air blowing to you directly, which may cause neck and shoulder pain or headache. Make your seat more comfortable under the air conditioner vent.

Used magnetic hooks: https://www.weizhongmagnetics.com/products/ndfeb-channel-magnet-with-hook-powder-coated.html


In a drink store you can see they use magnetic hooks on their freezer to hang coat.

Used magnetic hook: https://www.weizhongmagnetics.com/products/ferrite-flat-pot-magnet-with-rotating-metal-hook.html


Stand before a shop show window you can see they use magnetic ceiling hooks to hang from the ceiling to decorate and display.

Used magnetic hooks: https://www.weizhongmagnetics.com/products/ferrite-flat-pot-magnet-hook-white-powder-coated.html


In supermarkets, magnet hooks are used for hanging shopping bags.

Used magnetic hook: https://www.weizhongmagnetics.com/products/ferrite-pot-magnet-with-j-hook.html

What are the Advantages of Magnetic Hooks?

Magnetic hooks are easily operated for organization without drilling, screwing, gluing. No damage to the surface of appliances, doors, windows, cabinets, ceilings, walls etc. Just need to attach magnetic hooks to the steel surface and then hang stuffs. Remove it easily when no need any more. Which means working more efficiently and saving time and labor cost.

Our colorful hook magnets can make your work more decorative.

Our rubber coated magnets with hooks can protect your delicate surface from scratching.

How to Choose a Magnetic Hook for Your Application?

1) Evaluate the subject weight you want to hang, this is very important when the subject is heavy.

2) Measure the attaching surface area size to know what size of magnet you can use.

3) Choose from Weizhong magnetic hooks to match one magnetic hook with a suitable size and magnetic force. Don’t hesitate to ask us for suggestions if you have any questions.

4) If you want to use magnetic hooks on non-magnetic surfaces like wooden doors, concrete walls, we have steel counter plates available, screw or glue on the steel plates on the wall for magnetic hooks.

5) We also have different hooks available to match magnets with threads.

How Strong Are Magnetic Hooks?

Weizhong Magnetics produces magnetic hooks in different sizes Ø10mm, Ø13mm, Ø16mm, Ø20mm, Ø25mm, Ø32mm, Ø40mm, Ø50mm, Ø63mm with open hooks in ferrite core or neodymium core. Among which TFE16K-W ferrite hook magnet white painted Ø16mm is the weakest with 1kg pull force, while M-TNE63K neodymium hook magnet nickel Ø63mm is the strongest with 105kg, refer to below image. So you can choose different magnetic hooks with pull force 1kg to 105kg based on your application. Larger size are moundted with heavy duty eyelet.


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